Should I Go Fly Fishing For Bass In The Rain?

Question: It is starting to rain a lot more often in the afternoons where I live, is it safe to go fly fishing for bass under these conditions? I have heard that during the rain is one of the best times to go fishing for bass, because they are more aggressive, but I am unsure of which flies to take with me, or what gear I need in order to make sure I am safe. Can you give me any advice?

The short answer to your question is yes! Bass fishing during the rain is actually one of the best times to catch them, as long as you make sure you stay safe while you’re doing it. If it is pouring down rain, hard, you may want to sit the session out and wait for it to pull out before you head out onto the water.

Likewise, if there is thunder and lighting you are probably going to want to avoid the water all together. Waving around a 9′ lightning rod during thunderstorms is not a necessarily safe way to enjoy your favorite sport. It’s during these times, as well, that the bass will turn off, or into a neutral mood, making them much harder to catch.

If you really want to go fly fishing in the rain, you are going to need to make sure that you have adequate rain gear to keep yourself comfortable. Getting soaked while you’re trying to sling flies is a good way to cause chafing where your clothes meet your skin.

As far as the flies that you want to take along, you should start with anything that disturbs the top of the water, and makes a bit of a commotion. These flies are going to attract the attention of the bass that may be cruising around, looking for food. You can also take along some flies that imitate small baitfish. If the bass are going to be active, you can rest assured that the baitfish are going to be active, as well.

All, in all, fly fishing during pre-frontal and frontal conditions, or when it’s about to rain, or raining, is a great time to catch a lot of bass. Once the rain storm passes the bite may slow down for a little bit, but as long as it isn’t pouring down super-hard, or thundering and lightning, you can have some of your best days on the water when you go fly fishing while it’s raining!

Feel free to ask any other questions, or leave comments about the answers I’ve given in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you have to say! Tight lines, folks!

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